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enAble Games

enAble Games is an Active Video Game (AVG) platform that includes a suite of fun and challenging games for players with disabilities. Flexible gaming parameters enable each game to be adjusted to best fit the therapy goals of each individual player. Many games can be played either sitting or standing. Whether you can move a little or a lot, the games can adjust to meet your abilities.

University of Pennsylvania Robotics Rehabilitation Lab

The lab’s mission and focus is to use rehabilitation robotics and neuroscience to investigate brain plasticity and motor function after non-traumatic brain injuries, for example in stroke survivors or persons diagnosed with cerebral palsy. By examining the underlying causes of limb impairment after neural disease, injury, or cerebral accident, the lab works to discover effective methods to expedite a robust functional recovery. Translating research findings into the development of extremely affordable therapeutic robots that are able to provide effective neurorehabilitation – both on the national and global level – is the ultimate goal of the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab.