Who We Are

Xboost is a biotechnology startup funded specialized in the latest cutting edge research technologies.

This startup started through NJIT Biodynamics lab directed by Dr. Alex Zhou, where his students help conduct research in biomechanics & Exoskeleton devices for patients with neurological conditions.

Our mission is to develop new interactive technologies for the healthcare areas. We work heavily with virtual & augmented reality technologies, robotic exoskeleton devices and biomechanical methods into creating more realistic solutions to medical problems. Our current focus is developing rehabilitation systems and virtual environments for patients suffering with strokes.

Our Founders

Mohammed Tawfik: Co-Founder & CEO of Xboost

Mohammed is a current Ph.d. student at Rutgers Biomedical Sciences & NJIT joint program in Biomedical Engineering where he is currently conducting research in biomechanics and robotics. Prior to that he earned his MS & BS in Aerospace engineering at Cairo University in Egypt. He hopes to combine emerging areas and technologies into creating impact for society. In his free time when he isn’t working, Mohammed loves to play video games, workout & attend hackathons

Sanjit Singh: Co-Founder & CTO of Xboost

Sanjit is a rising undergraduate senior in Computer Science. He is a passionate, all-rounder computer engineer who is very enthusiastic about cutting edge research areas, entrepreneurship & technology. His area of interests are in 3D Computer Graphics, VR/AR, Computer Vision, Robotics, Haptics & Medical Devices. He hopes to bridge the gaps of the latest groundbreaking 3D interactive technologies into areas of healthcare, military & education. In his free time, Sanjit loves to attend hackathons, play video games, workout & watch superhero movies.

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